By this all will know that you are My disciples..30.08.2011

By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another (Jesus) 

Today we have again a great privilege and chance to show the world that we are Jesus' disciples, we love one another. Jesus did not say "if all fishermen love each other" or "if all politically active love each other" He does not say today "if all Pentecostals love one another" or all free church people, or City church folks, or Nokia Missio members, He said "you" = we. We who believe in Jesus, who believe that He died for our sins so that we could live.We who believe that through the blood of Jesus we have an open way to the Father, all the way, of whom John says: "See how very much our Father loves us, for he calls us his children, and that is what we are!" We love one another. 

We all fall. When a leader falls it shows a longer time, more people are affected, it comes out in TV-news, and tabloids have large topics. This is such a day, a day of exposure. 

My beloved, let us check that we have no stones in our hands, that we don't judge so that we won't be judged, that the measure that will be measured to us will not be a judgment but love that covers many sins. We already know that NMC leaders have made difficult, responsible decisions; that is their responsibility, not ours. We don't even know what has really happened, and don't need to, either. God knows and He speaks to those who need to know, and He loves His child, as He loves us all with His unspeakable love. And He loves those whose hearts have now broken, with His endless love. 

Let us pray for all who are directly affected by this and bless them, that their hearts will stay safe and secure in Christ. Let's pray wisdom and strength to all in leadership of Nokia Missio, and grace, which is His ability in us to do what we cannot do ourselves. That they stand in the position God has given them, to hear clearly and take the right steps. Let's bless our sisters and brothers in every way the Lord shows us. 

But before all, let's cover and protect our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ from the attacks from the world. We don't agree with world's talk and opinions but cut off the words of evil. That is not accepting sin, but love covers many sins as we speak truth in love. God is love.

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