God’s leading was so clear, things He spoke about, confirmed by others with an amazing accuracy. Circumstances started lining up accordingly, doors that had seemed to be closed for ever started opening. Then everything just crashed, as if God had never said anything, or as if He had just turned His back. Not only the new doors, even the old ones closed one after another. Has that ever happened to you? The future seems so clear and light, and in all sudden it is as if it was stolen from you. You cannot understand what happened, why it happened, did you do something wrong, did God fail you, is there something more powerful than God that has power to cancel the good things in your life? 
Disappointments, big or small, they seem to be even our part. But one thing I have learned, don’t ever think that everything that happens in your life is God’s will. Bold statement! We are believers. Why do the bad things then happen? I don’t know. But what I know is BAD THINGS ARE NOT GOD’S WILL. He does not plan tragedies, He does not create messes. He does not chastise His children by crashing their hopes; He does not teach them a lesson by beating them senseless. He is love, He is good, always good, only good (James 1:17) He is good to all, He is good to me, the whole Bible speaks about God’s good plans. 
In the day of crashed hopes, devastating disappointments, what do you do then? What did I do? I felt disappointed, blamed God, my husband, my spiritual father, myself, got miserable and started listening to the enemy, “Why did God do this = He does not really love me. Why did people do what they did, didn’t they know God’s will = people have more power than God to cancel the good things in my life. Wasn’t I mature enough =should I have performed something I didn’t. I focused on the problem, dwelled in it, tried to deal with it, and made everyone around me miserable, I got offended at God and decided, He needs my help to fix His mess. 
Praise God, it did not end there, and it does not need to end there for you either. God always remains the same. He simply showed me that I could choose to blame Him or I could come to Him who is always good. That is the issue, our choice, who are we going to listen, who are we going to trust. I repented, I said, “God I am sorry for blaming you, I know you love me, I know you want only good things to me. I don’t understand, please explain to me. “ 
Did He explain? No. Did He make all those things I hoped for happen at once? No. He helped me to lift my eyes from the disappointment and focus on Him. And the bad thing lost its power to destroy, it just got me nearer Him, to dig deeper in Him and focus on His goodness, His love, His wisdom, I decided to stay with Him, contend for His will, His good will for me, the disappointment that the enemy wanted to use for evil will be the first step of my success. God can use anything to our good, He can and He will cause everything work for good for us who love Him (Romans 8:28) 
This is the day that the Lord Had made, so let us rejoice in it. Today is the day! Today is the day when we can with joy draw water from the wells of salvation (Isa 12:3).

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