Towards the New year31.12.2012


Last night as I was before the Lord, thinking of the New Year, words came to me: “pressing through”, at the same time I sensed a peace, like, pressing through at peace.  Further I heard: pressing through with no effort. It sounded contradictory to me.  Then words from Isa 55 started sounding in my mind: “For you shall go out with joy, and be led out with peace”

It is always easier to build up relationship, build up faith when things are going smoothly.

We cannot go around all the time like we were about to kill a lion, we don’t have the full alert on all the time. It would wear us out.  So how can we build up that overcoming faith when things are going easy? I believe the answer is that we in our everyday life, grounded in His goodness apply everything that He has taught us. It is more about an attitude. We have learned to know God’s love for us and we believe in it. We line up in everything according to it and believe that all things work for good for us.

God can use everything that happens to us to our best. But it does not mean that all that happens to us is His will. We believe that God is Almighty, and He is, when He steps on the scene, the game is over, every other opinion is out. God has all power, but He does not control everything. If you now got chocked, keep reading. If you believe that God controls everything, then you have to believe that all the evil which happens is His will; either His work or at least He allowed it. Why to pray something to be changed if it is something God has in His wisdom allowed?

We do not pray to ask God to change His mind. He is always good, there is no darkness in Him, no darkness or wickedness can come from Him.

We agree with His will. When we pray according to His will, His will will be released on earth and that gives Him an opportunity to handle. God put us to a position where our authority and will have an influence on what happens around us. It is time that we take responsibility and dominion, as He gave it to us, on earth, in our home town. If you are wondering, “if God did not send catastrophes, why do we have them”, remember to whom He left His name, His authority, His Word and to whom He said, I send you.

When Power to Change-campaign is drawing nearer, let’s learn to already today to walk in everything which we hope to give to people then. Let’s live as if we had a full revival going on. But not by pushing by our own will-power,” because something has to happen”, but without our own effort, in His power. Let’s not let the enemy fool us to think that God is in control, He either does something or if not, then it was probably not His will that anything good would happen in Pargas. Let’s seek God’s will until we know it, it surely is good and it includes a future and a hope.

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