Out of our hearts flow issues of life31.01.2012

Someone said the mind is what we have; the heart is who we are. The Word says that we don’t know our hearts. That is very true. In the times of crisis we react and those reactions come out of our hearts. We can choose to let the mind overrule the heart and work through our will power. Some of us have stronger will power than others, but there is still something about the heart that I stayed thinking of. 

Last fall I experienced something that felt like a major loss. My mind understood, everything is okay, nothing got really lost. I heard people say, this was God’s will and I could see God having His hand over the whole situation. So why would I have so many blue days, be so tired and feel like the future was stolen from me. I did not know. Not until God showed me. He touched my heart with His love and as He did, I could see. He showed me my heart, it was written on it: “abandoned, left alone”. No matter that my mind understood that everything was well, no matter that I believed God was in control, my heart felt abandoned and that is where the blue days came from. My heart’s experience was; I suffered a loss and it was said it was God’s will, “God, I cannot trust You; I can see that You can in all sudden do something that hurts me.” Faith knows, God is good, the heart said, “I am afraid to trust You, You perhaps do this again”. But as God showed me this, poured out His love, I could see Him again and said to Him, “Papa God, I forgive You for having those people move so suddenly from me. Papa, I know You would never do anything that hurts me”. Don’t get offended of my “theology” here, if we have something against someone, we need to forgive, even Papa God. It is not about if He did it or not, it is about us having something against Him. That was my break through, blue days have turned to joy and my heart rests in confidence, He is always good to me. 

Why do I share this? Because I perhaps am not the only one who sometimes gets stuck without understanding why. Perhaps the answer is something that has been written in our hearts, we just cannot see it. But there is One, Who knows our hearts, He wants to help us out, He is both willing and able. Our Papa God, our loving Father. We can always go to Him and He loves to help His children free to run into His arms. Your mind understands that, you believe it is true, but what does your heart say? Let it sink in to your heart; let it become the reaction of the times of crisis as well as your joyful choice when everything is well.

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